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The Enneagram – An introduction

Course overview:
While there are several ways of working with the Enneagram we will focus on two primary interpretations:
The Enneagram as a method of working from a spiritual/transpersonal perspective with those whose focus is on their spiritual growth and wish to come to a greater understanding of their personal spiritual path.
We will also consider the Enneagram as used in psychotherapy for indentifying personality traits and the strengths and weakness of our cognitive processes and how these impact on our world view.

Course Content:
A short history of the Enneagram will be given briefly tracing its development from the time of the ancient Greeks to the present.

The weekend consists of a series of teachings, experiential exercises and sandtrays that explore the theoretical and practical issues of working with the Enneagram both from a cognitive and transpersonal perspective.

The focus will be on the developing your personal Enneagram. From the cognitive perspective we will consider what the Enneagram suggests about your personality, passions and virtues; family, social and work life; egoic nature and self image and how these reflect on your world view.

From the transpersonal perspective we will consider the shadow and what the Enneagram suggests about issues such as anger, pride, greed and fear. The focus however will be on our potential for personal growth, creativity, joy, peace and unconditional love.
Participants will be given the opportunity to discuss their Enneagram qualities (if they wish to do so) and relate their Enneagram to their world view, family and social dynamics, current and earlier life issues, spiritual growth and development.

Course leader: John Daly B.Sc., M.A.(Couns & Psych)., Dipl. Supvn.
After training as a scientist John worked in industry for ten years before moving to the US where he studied counselling and psychology from a transpersonal perspective at JFK University in California. He subsequently worked as a psychotherapist and lecturer in San Francisco and London. John lived in India for several years and travelled extensively throughout the Himalayan regions of Nepal, India and Bhutan, and studied with Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi and Christian Mystics in India and in the West. He designed and taught Masters, Degree and Diploma courses for CCPE, PTUK and Canterbury University and is the founder of the Association of Integrative Sandplay Therapists.
Who should attend:
The course is intended for all those who have an interest in developing their understanding of the Enneagram and who have little or no experience of the subject.

Timing & logistics:
This course consists of one 3 day weekend costing £420, lunch will be provided each day.
Venue and dates will follow soon.