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Introduction To Sandplay Studies

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Course Content

“The sandplay process is one of self discovery releasing blocked psychological energies transforming restrictive narrow world views and opening up creative capacities.”

This is an introductory two day course intended for students and practitioners who have little or no experience of sandplay therapy and wish to experience the sandplay process and gain a theoretical overview.

The aim of the weekend is to give the participants an understanding of the theory and practice of sandplay therapy as a means of expression of inner unspoken imagination, emotions and feelings.

The weekend consists of a series of experiential sandplays incorporating teachings and case studies that explore the theoretical and practical issues of working with sandplay. Discussions will be held that link the theoretical and practical aspects of the topic.

There will be opportunities for participants to discuss and review their sandplays, if they wish to do so, and relate their experience to current life issues and early life experiences.

An Introduction To Sandplay Studies

  • The therapeutic value and clinical use of sandplay.
  • Sandplay as a means of symbolic expression and communication. ( “Giving unconscious content visual shape.” Jung CW8)
  • An overview of psychodynamic, Jungian and post Jungian theories of sandplay.
  • An introduction to the multi-dimensional nature of symbols; archetypes and complexes.
  • Symbolic representations in context.
  • Aggressive, empty and distorted sandplay worlds.
  • Sandplay – telling a story.

Working with Children And Adults

  • The role of the therapist-creating a trusting empathic space in which the client feels safe to express their feelings and emotions.
  • Ethical and practical considerations .
  • Non-directed and partly directed sandplay.
  • Gender differences in the sandplay of children and adults. Cultural differences in the sandplay of children and adults. Developmental stages in the sandplay of children.
  • Sandplay as an indicator of a client’s emotional adjustment and interpersonal family dynamics. Healing and transformation in sandplay.
  • Transference, counter-transference, interpretation and judgement.
  • The above concepts will be demonstrated through a series of experiential sandplays with the participants working in dyads.