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Advanced Diploma In Integrative Sandplay Studies

Course Schedule

Course Content

The course consists of 5 three day weekends. Each weekend includes 1 four hour evening session. Contact hours total 123.

This programme is intended for students or/and practitioners who have completed a Certificate in Sandplay Studies validated by the Association of Integrative Sandplay Therapists.


  • The therapeutic value and clinical use of sandplay.
  • Sandplay as a means of symbolic expression and communication. ( “Giving unconscious content visual shape.” Jung CW8)
  • An overview of psychodynamic, Jungian and post Jungian theories of sandplay.
  • An introduction to the multi-dimensional nature of symbols; archetypes and complexes.
  • Symbolic representations in context.
  • Aggressive, empty and distorted sandplay worlds.
  • Sandplay – telling a story.

Child Development

  • Edith Jacobson- The development of psychological structures and Superego formation.
  • W.R.D. Fairbairn – The development of psychological structures and the libidinal and antilibidinal ego.
  • Otto Kernberg – The development of psychological structures and the Borderline personality.
  • Heinz Kohut – Self psychology, the development of psychological structures and the Narcissistic personality.
  • Carl Jung: The Self healing power of the psyche. Symbols, Archetypes, Complexes and the Collective Unconscious.
  • Erich Neumann: The stages of ego development in the first twelve years of life. The developmental process in children’s sandplay.


The adolescent psyche. The archetype of Initiation and the task of adolescent individuation.

Life and death imagery in adolescents. Persona and shadow in adolescence.

Prohibition and Inhibition. Rituals of transition for boys and girls in tribal societies and their relevance today.

Symbols of transition in sandplay.

Post Jungian psychology:

From the Pre-egoic to the Trans-egoic Self.

The work of Stanislav Grof, Michael Washburn, Ken Wilber and A.H. Almaas.

Comparison of the developmental stages of Erich Neumann and A.H.Almaas and the developmental stages of Michael Washburn and Ken Wilber.

Levels of Consciousness- symbols, archetypes and therapies.

Music as a multi-dimensional symbol of our state of being.

Philosophy of Psychotherapy and the nature of human consciousness.

Neuroscience, Child Development and Sandplay:

The role of interpersonal relationships (nurturing and attachment) in forging key connections in the brain – experience dependent plasticity.

The effects of childhood stress, trauma, abuse and isolation on brain development.

Memory, emotions, self regulation and interpersonal connection.

The interface of neuroscience, psychotherapy, and sandplay.

Empathy, safety, trust, attachment and facing our fears.

Concepts Of The Self

Self awareness, neurosis and the authentic self from the perspective of Fritz Pearls.

Dimensions of the Self from the perspective of Self psychology, Carl Jung, James Hillman and Ibń Arab’.

Spiritual traditions, eastern mysticism and the Self. We will consider the symbolism, philosophies and spiritual practices of some of the world’s major spritual traditions with particular reference to the Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi traditions.

Sexuality, spirituality and the Self. Love symbolism, the process of transformation and integration.

Creative Imagination

The bridge between the conscious and the true Self. Creative visualisations and mindfulness practices – their value, method and application.

Sandplay and The Feminine

The evolution of human consciousness (from the Earth Mother Goddess to the Sky God) and the devaluing of the feminine. The current re-emergence of the Goddess in a new form. Psychological and cultural implications. Life as a sacred whole in which all beings are interconnected and interrelated.

The individuation process in the feminine. The archetypes of Queen, Mother, Warrior, Magician and Lover.

Sandplay and The Masculine

The work of Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. Rediscovering the archetypes of the masculine.

The evolution of the archetype of the hero and his relationship with the feminine. The life cycle of the hero – from the archetype of the trickster to the death of the Hero. The archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, Father and Lover.

Integration Of The Feminine and The Masculine

The integration of the Masculine and Feminine from the Jungian, post Jungian and transpersonal perspective.

The Enneagram

Each of the Enneagram paths will be considered from the perspective of the dynamics of the personality structure and from the perspective of our essential spiritual nature (essence qualities).


The work of Carl Jung and Edward Edinger with an introduction to the work of Titus Burckhardt and Michael Maier.

Application of the Alchemical stages to the work of Michael Washburn and Ken Wilber.


The weekends consist of a series of experiential sandplays incorporating teachings and case studies that explore the theoretical and practical issues of working with sandplay.

Discussions will be held that link the theoretical and practical aspects of the topic.

There will be several opportunities for participants to discuss and review their sandplays, if they wish to do so and relate their experience to current life issues and early life experiences.