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The Return Of The Goddess

Course Schedule

(The ‘Souls’ Journey)

The Return of the Goddess is a four day programme which includes two evening sessions on the second and third days.

Course Content

Over the last 4,000 years we have slowly lost our connection with the feminine principle which is represented in mythology as the Goddess. In this process the sanctity and unity of all life has been devalued, and at times, lost.

In a culture where the emphasis is placed on the qualities of reason and control, and the divine is expressed in masculine language and imagery, there is a devaluing and often suppression of the feminine values of feelings, intuition and spontaneity. This results in a lack of balance betewen the masculine and feminine aspects of the psyche.

In Jungian psychology the feminine is symbolised as the soul and relationship, while the masculine is symbolised as the souls energising spirit. In order to become a complete human being, the inner masculine and feminine need to come together and embrace in equality as one and the same. As part of this process the Goddess is re-emerging in a new form, not so much as the image of a feminine deity, but as what the image represents – a vision of life as a sacred whole in which all life is interconnected and inter-related.

Using sandplay and symbolism as a media through which to express our deepest sense of self, and our life journey we will work on the development of the inner and outer expressions of the Goddess archetype. We will trace the development of the Goddess, within ourselves, from her earliest beginnings as the Earth Mother through her suppression by the Sun God to her re-emergence as a symbol of our true Self.

Utilising a series of partly guided sandplays and visualisations we will work on our evolving understanding of the feminine as soul and come to a deeper understanding of the Self in relationship and our life’s journey.