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Advanced Diploma In Alchemical Studies

Course Schedule

This course in Transpersonal Alchemy consists of 4 two day weekends, each weekend includes one evening session.

Course Content

Transpersonal Alchemy I

This two day programme is intended for counsellors and psychotherapists who have completed the Alchemy of Relationships course and wish to continue their studies on theories of Alchemy and Psychotherapy from a Transpersonal perspective.

During this weekend we will study the work of Titus Burckhardt relating his Alchemical perspective to the Transpersonal theories of Michael Washburn, Ken Wilber and A. H. Almaas.

Aspects of the work of Morley, Muykens and Maier will be considered from a Transpersonal perspective relating therapeutic theory and practice to some of the world’s psychospiritual traditions.

Transpersonal Alchemy II

This two day programme continues with the work of Titus Burckhardt, Michael Maier and Johann Mylius with particular reference to the trans-egoic states of consciousness.

We will focus on Jung’s work on the illustrations from the “Rosarium Philosophorum”. We will review love symbolism and the alchemical symbolism of individuation.

Transpersonal Alchemy III

We will consider the work of Michael Washburn; the basic Perinatal Matrices of Stanislav Graf and the Transegoic states of Ken Wilber from a Transpersonal alchemical perspective.

Transpersonal Alchemy IV

We will consider the work of A.H.Almaas on presence, essence and soul, relating these to the work of Titus Burckhardt and the “Rosarium Philosophorum”.

We will consider the relationship between alchemical symbolism and the symbolism, philosophies and spiritual practices of some of the world’s major spiritual traditions with particular reference to the symbolism and practices of the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Sufi traditions.